Department Information

Executive Management

WVWD has assembled a highly qualified and diverse executive management team. Together with the General Manager and the Assistant General Manager, the team consists of seven department heads. They focus on areas of transformative growth, water supply reliability, operational efficiencies, a thriving workforce, and the well-being of our customers and community. The organization of the District’s workforce is available in the Organization Chart (pdf).

WVWD Departments


The Administration Department provides support to the Board of Directors and Executive Management team, leads efforts pertaining to compliance, records management, and support services to all District personnel.

Customer Service

Customer Service serves as our frontline responders to customer inquiries regarding their monthly bill statement, new service applications, customer account problems and complaints, payment processing and bill pay assistance, leak detection, and water quality calls. This team is committed to excellence in customer service by treating our customers with respect and dignity throughout the problem-solving process. The customer service team can be reached at (909) 595-7554 or


The Engineering Department’s primary responsibilities are water resource planning and development, project development and management, construction management, GIS management, and quality control. Associated duties include design, cost estimating, plan checking, CEQA compliance, permit maintenance, construction inspection, updating facility maps, updating and maintaining GIS, hydraulic modeling, maintaining standard construction specifications, and reporting water production to maintain water rights.

External Affairs & Sustainability

The External Affairs & Sustainability Department is responsible for WVWD’s Public Relations, Marketing, Water Awareness Education, Conservation, and Government/Community Relations efforts. The team works to ensure that pertinent District information is accurately disseminated to the media and the public in a timely manner; community water concerns are addressed appropriately, and the communication strategy is consistent and reflects the District’s strategic vision and brand. The department also is tasked with producing and publishing customer e-newsletters, and other educational brochures and flyers. Other responsibilities include overseeing the District’s social media, conservation programs, community events and sponsorships, and website content.


The Finance Department’s primary responsibility is overseeing the financial aspects of WVWD’s multi-million-dollar budget. This includes accounts payable, payroll, bank reconciliation, financial reporting (both state and local), auditing, internal controls, and fixed asset allocation. The department is determined to ensure that all District activities are conducted through a fiscally responsible lens, prioritizing fairness and equity for our customers.

General Services

General Services manages the District’s procurement needs and maintains the inventory, vehicles, equipment, and buildings ensuring that the infrastructure that carries our precious water is well taken care of. Questions regarding procurement opportunities, working with the District, and our facilities can be directed to Manuel Rodriguez at or (909) 595-7554 ext. 259.

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for the planning, organizing, directing, and reviewing of activities and operations pertaining to WVWD’s workforce. Included in this area are recruitment and retention, hiring, classification, compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, compensation, benefits, record keeping, administration, employee relations, risk management, and safety. Human Resources can be contacted at or (909) 595-7554 ext. 216.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) team provides IT support for the District’s computer network, including the operation, maintenance, upgrade, and repair of network hardware and District employee workstations. The primary responsibility of the IT Department is to provide a safe and secure networking environment. Additional responsibilities include the day-to-day operation of the network datacenter and servers, the District phone system, office machines, and software applications.


The Operations Department is responsible for both the quantity and quality of the District’s drinking water supply and the infrastructure that supports it. This team of water professionals monitors and operates 23 pressure regulating stations, 17 booster pump stations, 32 reservoir sites with a total of 95.8 million gallons capacity of water storage, and 434 miles of water mains.

Production/Water Quality

The Production/Water Quality team is responsible for a complex monitoring program to assure safe and potable drinking water that meets and exceeds all State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board (SWRCB) and the United States Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) drinking water standards. Highly trained Technicians collect over 17,000 samples and analyses adhering to stringent collection methods and monitoring schedules established by these agencies to assure high-quality drinking water is being delivered to community members and customers. A water quality technician can be reached at or (909) 595-7554.