Water Supply

100% of your drinking water travels hundreds of miles to reach your home. Walnut Valley Water District relies on imported water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and Three Valleys Municipal Water District (TVMWD). MWD imports water from Northern California via the State Water Project (SWP) and from the Colorado River via the Colorado River Aqueduct. About 45% of Southern California’s water supply comes from these two sources.

MWD owns and operates the Weymouth Water Treatment Plant located in the city of La Verne. TVMWD purchases a blend of the treated Colorado River water and SWP water from the Weymouth plant and treats it at its own water treatment plant located in the city of Claremont known as the Miramar Water Treatment Plant.

Virtual tours of the Colorado River Aqueduct, State Water Project, and Miramar Water Treatment Plant are available here:

Water Usage & Customer Data

The District delivers an average of 18,595 acre-feet of water each year to its customers. The majority of water delivered to District customers is used for residential purposes in and around the home.

*An acre-foot is about 326,000 gallons of water, or the amount that two families use in one year.

Average Annual Water Supply from Weymouth and Miramar

Weymouth Treatment Plant: 14,790 Acre-Feet
Miramar Treatment Plant: 2,427 Acre-Feet

Total Annual Water Supply (on average): 17,217 Acre-Feet




Active Service Connections by Customer Type

Single Family Residential: 25,480
Multi-family Residential: 163
Commercial / Institutional: 937
Industrial: 164
Landscape Irrigation: 376
Recycled: 339

Total: 27,459

Average Annual Water Use (in Acre-Feet*)

Single Family Residential: 11,938
Multi-family Residential: 1,757
Commercial / Institutional: 1,339
Industrial: 213
Landscape Irrigation/Other: 1,073
Recycled: 2,275

Total: 18,595

The Future of Water

Water supply reliability and environmental sustainability are priorities for WVWD. The District is working towards a future where the customers we serve have the tools and resources they need to live a water-efficient lifestyle.

Together we can fight water waste and help protect the environment!