Billing & Payment Information

It is the customer’s responsibility to assure that payments are received in a timely manner. Customers may choose from one of the options listed below. Please contact the Customer Service Department if you have any questions at (909) 595-7554 or

Bills for service are due and payable upon presentation and become past due twenty (20) days from the date of the bill. Partial payments are not authorized unless prior approval has been received from the District.

Ways to Pay

Ways to Pay

My Account – Online Portal

Register for a “My Account” customer portal account to manage all monthly payments, AutoPay, and paperless billing.

AutoPay Signup

Customers can now pay water bills automatically by authorizing WVWD to deduct the payment directly from their selected payment on a pre-selected date following receipt of their monthly bill statement.

To participate in AutoPay, log into the “My Account” portal and select “sign up” for AutoPay on your dashboard.

If you do not have a “My Account” with WVWD, register today!

One-Time Bill Payment

You can make an online one-time bill payment without accessing “My Account” by using your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, debit card, or bank account. This service is FREE.

Information you will need to make a one-time payment:

    Pay By Phone

    You can also pay by simply dialing toll free 1(888) 736-2813 to call a secure automated telephone payment system.


    Customers may pay their bill in person at the District office during normal working hours or, after hours by depositing the payment in the water bill payment drop box located in front of the District office.

    MAIL Payment

    Customers may mail their payment to the District lockbox.

    Online Portal

    My Account – Online Portal

    Welcome to Walnut Valley Water District’s new customer portal. This is a one-stop shop for our customers to:

    • Pay WVWD Monthly Bill Statement
    • View & Manage Water Usage
    • Setup & Manage AutoPay
    • Setup & Manage Paperless Billing (E-bill)
    • Set Alerts
    • and All with a single login!

    To enroll, simply click on the My Account link below.

    You will need the following information to create your My Account:

    • 12 digit WVWD Account Number (located on your monthly bill statement)
    • Amount due listed on your most recent monthly bill statement
    • Valid e-mail address

    WVWD customers that previously had an online portal account will be able to log into the new online portal with their existing username and password, no need to re-register.


    Payment & Billing Policies

    Returned Checks

    If the bank returns a check received for payment or if an electronic payment via the Automatic Bill Payment program is rejected, repayment will be required in the form of cash, cashier’s check, credit card, or money order. The customer’s account will be charged a returned check fee. Typically, the District will issue a letter or a door tag notification to the service address for repayment of the check amount as well as the returned check fee.

    Accepted Forms of Payment

    District billing shall be paid in cash, checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover may be used online or by telephone), and electronic payments. Make checks payable to Walnut Valley Water District.

    Meter Reading

    WVWD water meters are read on a monthly basis for the preparation of periodic bills and as required for the preparation of opening bills, closing bills, and formulating special bills. A customer is billed for each meter on their property.

    The water meter registers water consumption in units of hundred cubic feet (CCF). One unit is equivalent to 748 gallons of water.

    Billing Frequency

    Bills for water service are prepared on a monthly basis for each customer, unless otherwise established in the rate schedule.

    Reading Your Water Bill

    Bills for metered service will show the meter reading for the current and previous meter reading period. The bill will contain the following information: service location, water consumption, days of service, meter readings, rate breakdown, and water service charges.

    Payment Due Date

    Bills for water service are due and payable upon presentation and become overdue twenty (20) days from the date of the invoice.

    Going on Vacation?

    Please let us know of your vacation plans, so our Customer Service Department can take steps to ensure continued water service to your residence until you return. Simply contact the District’s Customer Service Department a few days prior to departing on vacation if your scheduled time away from home coincides with the date your regular water bill arrives. As a service, we may arrange for an extension of payment date, or perhaps recommend that you make an advance payment, depending on the situation. You can reach us by telephone at (909) 595-7554 or sign-up for AutoPay and not worry about your bill on vacation.

    Unclaimed funds

    The District has accumulated unclaimed money from customers and developers as a result of refund checks from closed accounts. These funds have remained unclaimed for a period of time usually as a result of checks that are returned as undeliverable by the postal service.

    In an effort to locate these customers and developers, the District has created a searchable database for customers to review the unclaimed funds. To search for funds, customers will need to enter all or part of their last name or business name in the search bar provided and then submit a claim form to recover any monies properly payable to them. Under the District’s policy regarding unclaimed funds, any monies that remain unclaimed for a period of more than three (3) years from the date on which such funds are no longer properly held by the District become the property of the District if not claimed.

    To claim an amount shown on this list, customers/developers must download and submit an Unclaimed Money Claim Form.

    Billing Inquiries

    Dispute A Bill

    Customers may check the accuracy of their monthly bill statement by contacting the Customer Service Department at (909) 595-7554 or Customers who are concerned that they are being billed incorrectly after speaking with a Customer Service Representative may appeal their charges in accordance with the District’s Rules and Regulations.

    • Submit a written complaint to WVWD within 10 days of receiving a monthly water bill statement.
    • Upon receipt of a written complaint, a hearing date will be set with a District Hearing Officer.
    • Hearing #1 – a District Hearing Officer will review the accuracy of charges with the customer and determine a decision on whether the bill is accurate or inaccurate.
    • If the bill is deemed accurate, the customer must pay the bill immediately. If the bill is inaccurate, the bill will be corrected and a new invoice will be issued. Payment will then be due in ten days.
    • If a customer is not in agreement with the results of Hearing #1, a customer may submit a second written appeal to the District for a hearing with the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors’ decision on the matter is final.
    • If the bill in question is accurate, a customer must pay the bill immediately. If an error is found, the District will distribute a corrected invoice and payment is then due in ten days.
    • If payment is not received on time throughout the appeals process, water service will be shut off due to non-payment and in accordance with the District’s Rules and Regulations.

    Please read the District’s policy for the complete official description of the Appeals Procedure.

    Generally, customer accounts are on a monthly billing cycle. The current bill balance is considered past due if not paid within twenty days from the date of invoice.

    Delinquent Bill Notification Process and Service Shut-Off

    An overdue notice is mailed and a late fee is charged on accounts maintaining balances over twenty (20) days. An account with a past due balance is subject to water shut-off. Once the shut-off notice is delivered and/or service is disconnected for nonpayment, the water service account is subject to processing fees and a security deposit.

    Service Reconnection

    If your service is disconnected for non-payment, the District must receive the past due amount and the delinquent service charges before restoring water service. In addition, a security deposit may be required. Payments to restore water service must be made online or in-person at the District headquarters during normal business hours.

    Policy on Water ShutOffs for Non-Payment

    WVWD has replaced water shutoff door tag notifications with mail notifications. A customer will receive an overdue notice in the mail as a final notice before the water is shutoff due to non-payment.