Photo Contest

Complete Rules and Guidelines

The annual Student Art Contest is for all 3rd, 4th, 5th, middle school, and high school students attending schools in the District’s service area. Utilizing the theme “Water is Life,” students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their artistic abilities while learning about the importance of water in our lives.

Students in grades 3-12 are eligible to participate in the “Water is Life” Art Contest with their class. Teachers can select up to 3 entries to submit for each their classes.

Entries must be submitted to Walnut Valley Water District NO LATER THAN Monday, March 6, 2023 at 5:00PM. Electronic entries are no longer accepted.

Entries must be dropped off at WVWD’s Administration Building (back building) at 271 S Brea Canyon Rd., Walnut OR
Email if you would like your entries to be picked up BEFORE the deadline
The “Contest Submission Form” must be completed and submitted with each classroom entry
We are no longer accepting individual poster submissions. Teachers must submit student artworks as a class (ONLY 3 ENTRIES PER CLASS).
Artwork should be drawn horizontally (landscape), 12” X 18” or 8.5” X 11” in size and drawn on white poster board or white drawing paper that has no lines. Under or oversized artwork WILL NOT be accepted.

Artwork drawn on 12” X 18” paper must have AT LEAST a one-inch white or blank border on all four sides. This is a graphics and framing requirement. Artwork must be drawn horizontally (e.g., oriented 18” horizontally and 12” vertical).

Bold, bright, brilliant colors show up the best. Students may use the following art media: crayons, markers, pencils, paints, watercolors, chalks, cut paper or fabric.

Artwork must be original (no traced, trademarked, or copyrighted characters, slogans, i.e. Snoopy, Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, etc.) No repeat artwork from past years.

Each poster must have a label affixed to the back of the poster with the student’s name clearly printed on the label.

Complete Rules and Guidelines
The District’s Board of Directors judges the poster entries based on originality, color, complexity, and theme. Student winners will be contacted by email, followed by an invite to attend to the Awards Ceremony in May to receive special recognition.

The winning posters are also submitted to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for further judging as entries in their calendar contest.

The winning posters are displayed on the District’s website and social media, along with group photographs of the winners.

3rd Grade
Carolyn Hu

Liya Chang


Kaitlyn Lei

4th Grade
Sophia Teodosio

Zoe Ng

Catherine Huang

Elsa Lyn

5th Grade
Benson Her

Janelle Hwang

Charles Chang

Brandy Hong

6th Grade
Kylie Diep

7th Grade
Thejana Bandara Jayathilake

8th Grade
Daniel Hou

High School
Sunny Lin

Michael Wu

Annika Lee
Maya Aragon

3rd Grade
Reena F

Jeremy H

Kingsley M

Annabelle H

4th Grade
Carolyn H

Kaitlyn L

Rohan S

Liya C

5th Grade
Zoe N

Elaine C

Victoria H

Keira T.

Middle School
Candy L

Chloe T

Rui-Ning S

Jessica Z

High School
Hailey T

Bella P

Maya M

Kasandra U

3rd Grade
1st Place – Jiahao Jasper T.

2nd Place – Natalie H.

3rd Place – Emma H.

4th Place – Andrew T.

4th Grade
1st Place – Reena F.

2nd Place – Jonathan S.

3rd Place – Kristen C.

4th Place – Kelly Z.

5th Grade
1st Place – Carolyn H.

2nd Place – Kammi H.

3rd Place – Kate B.

4th Place – Darren Y.

Middle School
1st Place – Lingfei Coco T.

2nd Place – Candy Lin L.

3rd Place – Tony W.

4th Place – Nina L.

High School
1st Place – Stella W.

2nd Place – Chenni L.

3rd Place – Joshua S.

4th Place – Eric W.