Diamond Bar (P-1) Pump Station Electrical Refurbishment

(P.N. 20-3628)

Overall Investment

  • $2 Million

Estimated Time of Completion : August 2023


The Diamond Bar (P-1) Pump Station was originally constructed in 1961 and was modified and expanded in 1984 to pump from the 930 Zone into both the 1050 and 1200D Zones. The pump station consists of three 75 horsepower pumps (1050) located outside of the pump building and three 150 horsepower pumps (1200D) located inside the building. In 2006, a system-wide study was performed to evaluate the need and requirements for providing emergency power generation during SCE power outages. Based on the study, the detailed analysis identified P-1 as one of the 3 existing pump stations suitable for a stationary emergency power generators.

The Consultant-designed project consists of replacement and relocation of existing electrical panels (Switchgear and MCCs) to accommodate a proposed stationary 600 KW emergency generator. The electrical panels will be located in a new electrical room, which is part of the site improvements. Other site improvements include a restroom, roll-up door for accessing 1200 Zone Pumps, foundation for generator, fuel tank with plumbing to generator, LED lighting for interior and exterior, corrugated ceiling recoating, modification of existing pump building to provide proper ventilation for generator, and replacement of existing 12” cast iron suction pipe (1200D Zone) with 12” steel pipe. In addition, a new electrical motor pump and associated appurtenances are added to the existing open space and pump can (1200D Zone).

This project was completed by Pascal & Ludwig Constructors, Inc., in August 2023.

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Contact Information

Sheryl L. Shaw (General Manager/Chief Engineer)

Phone: (909) 595-7554 Ext. 234

Email: sshaw@walnutvalleywater.gov

Tai Diep (Engineering Manager)

Phone: (909) 595-7554 Ext. 230

Email: tdiep@walnutvalleywater.gov