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WVWD Enhances Local Sustainability with Expanded Recycled Water Infrastructure

July 8, 2024

Walnut Valley Water District (WVWD) has taken a significant step towards bolstering local water sustainability through the expansion of its recycled water infrastructure. Recently, the WVWD Board of Directors approved the purchase of the North Side Line from the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, facilitating direct access to recycled water on the Upper Portion Pipeline from the Pomona Water Reclamation Plant to the City of Walnut.

This acquisition ensures a secure and reliable recycled water supply for Walnut Valley and neighboring areas. By integrating this new infrastructure, WVWD enhances its capacity to meet increasing recycled water demands while decreasing its dependence on imported potable water supplies from Northern California and Colorado. Recycled water from the Pomona Water Reclamation Plant will be used for non-potable purposes such as irrigation, industrial processes, and municipal landscaping.

Jared Macias, Assistant General Manager, highlighted the significance of this development, stating, “Enhancing our control over local water sources and fostering a strong partnership with the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts are key steps in securing a reliable water supply that will benefit our community for years to come.”

This upgrade enhances WVWD’s management of the North Side Line, ensuring a reliable recycled water system, and reinforces the agency’s commitment to advancing water sustainability for the community.