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WVWD Celebrates Water Awareness Month

May 23, 2023

Throughout the month of May, Walnut Valley Water District celebrated Water Awareness Month through community events and the reaffirmation of the District’s water-saving programs and rebates. Although California has had an extremely wet winter, WVWD continues to encourage the public to have water-wise practices to help alleviate the severity of future droughts. Water Awareness Month is a statewide annual outreach campaign to spread the word about the value of conserving water, one of our most valuable resources.

A Student Recognition Ceremony was held on May 9th to celebrate the winning 23 students from schools in the District’s service area “Water is Life” Art Contest and High School Media Contest. Students and their teachers received special recognition for best-demonstrating creativity and awareness of water-use efficiency through art and film. The annual contests are one of many educational programs that the District offers as an opportunity for students to learn and reflect on the importance of water sustainability and stewardship. All of the student artworks are displayed in front of the District’s headquarters and website for the public to see.

In addition, the District hosted a Community & Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon on May 10th to celebrate local community organizations, local sheriff stations, fire departments, and city elected officials and their staff for their water-saving efforts.