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WVWD Leverages Technology for Enhanced Customer Communication & Water Conservation

April 2, 2024

In a proactive effort to enhance customer communication and promote water conservation, Walnut Valley Water District announces the launch of a new text message alert system aimed at promptly notifying customers about potential water leaks on their properties. This initiative reflects the district’s commitment to supporting California’s statewide initiative to “Make Conservation a Way of Life.”

Water conservation is a critical aspect of sustainable resource management, especially in regions like Southern California, which often face water scarcity challenges. Recognizing the importance of water conservation and customer engagement, Walnut Valley Water District has implemented innovative measures to empower its customers in managing their water usage effectively.

The new text message alert system utilizes advanced technology to detect and notify customers of potential water leaks on their properties. Upon detection, customers will receive real-time notifications via text message, allowing them to take immediate action to address the issue. This proactive approach not only helps customers minimize water waste but also contributes to reducing monthly water bills and conserving precious water resources.

“We are excited to launch this new initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in customer service and environmental stewardship,” said Lily Lopez, External Affairs & Sustainability Director, at Walnut Valley Water District. “By leveraging technology to enhance communication and promote water conservation, we aim to empower our customers to play an active role in preserving our water resources for future generations.”

In addition to providing timely alerts, Walnut Valley Water District will also offer guidance and support to customers in addressing water leaks, including recommendations for repairing minor leaks and facilitating assistance for severe leaks exceeding 1 gallon per minute.

Furthermore, Walnut Valley Water District emphasizes that while they are facilitating communication and assistance, the responsibility for repairing leaks ultimately lies with the homeowner or business owner. The District’s jurisdiction typically extends up to the service line, beyond which property owners are responsible for maintenance and repairs.

This initiative aligns with California’s statewide efforts to promote water conservation and make it an integral part of daily life. By embracing technology and proactive communication, Walnut Valley Water District reaffirms its commitment to sustainable water management practices and serving the community’s needs effectively.