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High School Educators and Students Provided Opportunity to Transform Water Utility Experience

March 21, 2023

Walnut, CA (March 21, 2023) – As part of its commitment to sustainability and community engagement, Walnut Valley Water District (WVWD) is proud to announce its sponsorship of MeterHero, an innovative academic curriculum designed to provide high school students with hands-on experience around water conservation and data analysis.

MeterHero is a curriculum enhancement offered to teachers with AP Environment Science classes in the Walnut Valley Unified School District (WVUSD) and portions of the Rowland Unified School District (RUSD) and Pomona Unified School District (PUSD). The curriculum is designed to align with the course content and science practices of AP Environmental Science. Eligible schools include Diamond Bar High School, Walnut High School, Rowland High School, and Diamond Ranch High School. 

This program is designed for students to collect and analyze water meter data from their homes’ and then develop and implement a water conservation strategy that benefits their household and the entire WVWD community. Students will be directly leading the effort to help WVWD meet its goal of up to a 20% decrease in district-wide water usage.

“Walnut Valley Water District is excited to offer MeterHero to more than 400 local high schools,” said Lily Lopez, Director of External Affairs & Sustainability. “Water is one of our most precious resources, and it’s essential that we provide our future leaders with the education and experience to protect the environment and develop solutions to manage the drought. It’s our hope that this resource inspires students to choose STEAM careers in the water industry as well.”

About MeterHero

MeterHero was developed by a team of teachers at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The curriculum has been used by hundreds of teachers around the country and is funded through partnerships with local water and energy utilities. More information is available at

Contact: Nate Conroy, STEMhero, LLC, 414-540-8788